Friday, June 5, 2009

Yuuuuuupp!!! Is it the sweet notes or the Tweets? lol...

As you all know i'm on Twitter ( and I follow a handfull of celebs. I feel by being updated by tweets from your favorite celebs you feel like you become a part of their daily routines. From studio sessions, dinner meetings, parties, to plane trips you become attached. With all this being said I follow one of my favorite male R&B artist Trey Songz on Twitter and keep up with him throughout his day by reading his simultaneous tweets.

The good: twittering can help promote celeb's upcoming projects, clear an image, create a love circle with fans, and help fans see that celebs are no superhumans; they're just like you and I.

The bad: I dont even think there is a bad thing that comes with this lol.

Nevertheless, im super excited about his album dropping in August and loving the mixtape singles more and more everyday. Feeling attached to my twitterberry a good amount of the day, im convinced that Twitter has made me love Trey Songz, his music, and everything he stands for even more. Now I can only wish he was my future baby daddy or something like!!!

Just thought I would let yall know. Follow this R&B genius on Twitter at

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